Thursday, February 21, 2013


Human ANATOMY: (photos of the entire skeletal system) ANATOMY OF THE HUMAN BODY-Henry Gray 1918 (Anatomy books an photos.The main attractions are 4 old Andrew Loomis books and an old Anatomy atlas) DE HUMANI CORPORIS FABRICA by ANDREAS VESALIUS 1543-THE FIRST ANATOMY UBERBOOK -This link contains the whole book...IT is in latin, but if you’re not interested in the text or don’t know latin , you can just browse thru it and look at the wonderful anatomy drawings. Here’s an example of the kind of pictures that you will find in Vesalius’s book:
Animal anatomy:
Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists by W. Ellenberger.  choose Browse the Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations (dinosaurs) (Mammal skeletons)

Free CG TUTORIALS (the first 2 links from antropus aren’t working anymore. But you can find them on the tutorials section from, along with many other zbrush tuts)
TEXTURES ( many many free hires textures- download quota 20/day) (17.000 highreztextures- you can download 15Mb/day)
Modern master sculptors:
Various reference sites: (huge collection of old photos) (rifle photos) (thousands and thousands of photos from all corners of the globe) (fire arms photos) ( lots of weapon photos- press view picture) (electron microscope insect photos) (electron microscope insect photos) (make-up FX ) (hires bats photos)

Free/Opensource SOFTWARES:

modeling: (modeling,rendering,rigging..) ( nice little modeling app-it has all the necessary tools for doing a nice job) (NURBS modeling)